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Introductory Post

I’ve been wanting a writing blog for a while now. I’ve had various personal ones on big, social-network type sites like livejournal.com and xanga.com before, but a friend pointed me toward WordPress.com as a good free blog without too many frills. That sounds just about right for this. Just a nice, quiet place–if you will–to write. Maybe this lovely header picture will help me focus too.

So, a daily goal to write 500-1000 words sounds like a good way to start. I’d like as much as possible of it to be about my fantasy novel in the works, but perhaps it wouldn’t be best to publish it on the web like this. Not that I expect many visitors… but still. In any case, I’ll use prompts or inspiration from daily life to do these, I suppose. Well, here we go then… let’s write!


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